January 10, 2007

Political News of '08

* Mitt '08 Romney supports the 'McCain' doctrine of Iraq escalation. While, Rudy '08 Giuliani is refusing to say where he stands on the 'McCain' doctrine.

* It's starting to look like John '04 Kerry is running again. Which would make all the Massachusetts Democratic House members happy, they been waiting for a Senate seat to up open for years.

* Joe '1988' Biden is running for President.
“I’m going to be Joe Biden, and I’m going to try to be the best Biden I can be,” he said. “If I can, I got a shot. If I can’t, I lose.”
Sadly. The best that Senator Biden can be is fishing last behind Rep. Dennis Kucinich in Iowa.

* Newsweek’s Tom Curry gives us the pros and cons of a '08 McCain & '04 Lieberman Presidential ticket. The best quote if the article is given by Terry Lierman, chairman of the Maryland Democratic Party.
“Does McCain need Lieberman to attract Republican votes?”
Those two deserve each other.

* Former Republican Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore is running for president. The Carpetbagger Report looks back at Jim Gilmore's term in office.
He ran for office on a pledge to eliminate Virginia’s car tax, and once in office, successfully pushed it through the legislature. The move ruined the state’s finances, prompting Republicans in the legislature to revolt and insist that Gilmore reverse course. The governor refused, sending the state’s political and budgetary system into a tailspin. Gilmore’s entire tenure set the stage for Mark Warner (D) to get elected, and more broadly, turn this once solidly “red” state considerably more “purple.”

Better yet, after his one term ended (Virginia law prohibits governors from seeking re-election), Gilmore ran the Republican National Committee — run up until Karl Rove decided to fire him.
Run. Jim. Run.

* Christopher Dodd is running for President. The Senator is already showing how irrelevant his candidacy really is by announcing on the awful Don Imus radio show.

* According to Capitol Fax, Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan proposed moving the 2008 Illinois primary to February 5 to help Senator Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy.


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