April 24, 2006

Running Again, Democrat John Kerry

Senator John Kerry is in favor of stats quo of keeping New Hampshire first in the Democratic Presidential primary system which benefited him so well in 2004.
RUNNING for President as the Democratic Party’s nominee in 2004 was one of the proudest experiences of my life. But I fear that what my party is considering doing to the process by which we pick a nominee is harming our party by diminishing New Hampshire’s unique first-in-the-nation role.

I support Iowa and New Hampshire’s first-in-the nation status in our Presidential nominating process. The special role that Iowa and New Hampshire play in Presidential politics has strengthened our democracy by insuring that citizens at the grassroots engage directly with candidates for the Presidency. We should preserve the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary in their traditional forms.
Basically, John Kerry is running in 2008 and does not want to mess up this chances of getting re-nominated again. So, he is once again sucking up to Iowa and New Hampshire. Very principled move, Senator. Iowa and New Hampshire should not have a monopoly on choosing Presidential Candidates. The system is broke, and who cares if the people in Iowa and New Hampshire get their feeling hurt by selecting a new state to go first.


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