February 23, 2006

IL-8: Democrat Melissa Bean vs. GOP

The winner of the March 21 Republican primary for 8th Congressional District of Illinois will face U.S. Congresswoman Melissa Bean (D). In total they are six Republicans running in the primary; David McSweeney, Kathy Salvi, Robert Churchill, Ken Arnold, Aaron Lincoln and Jim Mitchell. Lets take a closer look at the top three Republican candidates.

Kathy Salvi
We cannot let the voice of women and the American family be hung under the anti-family banner. We need someone who will be a tax fighter, a spending cutter and a family defender in Congress. That’s what I’m in this race to be.

You can trust me to always work for our families and our Illinois values.
Kathy Salvi and her husband Al Salvi are partners with Tom Delay clone Republican Peter Roskam, who is running in Sixth Congressional District of Illinois, in the law firm of Salvi, Roskam & Maher. Kathy Salvi signed the Grover Norquist Taxpayer Protection Pledge.
“By signing the Pledge, Kathy Salvi demonstrates allegiance to hard-working taxpayers nationwide, as well as dedication to taxpayers in Illinois. I applaud Kathy for the leadership and dedication she showed by signing the Pledge.”
She has endorsed the Marriage Protection Referendum. Kathy Salvi had raised $472,000, including about $290,000 of her personal cash, and had a Dec. 31 balance of $283,852.

David McSweeney
America’s history has been one of opportunity and growth. Each generation has the moral duty to see that their children share in the opportunity and prosperity that economic freedom offers. David McSweeney will Vote to make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent, Offer tax cuts to companies that invest in new jobs and workers, and Cut the burden of unnecessary regulations.
Investment banker David McSweeney has “a net worth in the millions” and he is willing to “put at least seven figures” his own money into beating Rep. Melissa Bean. The Mike Ditka endorsed candidate also signed the Grover Norquist Taxpayer Protection Pledge. He has endorsed the Marriage Protection Referendum. David McSweeney has provided his campaign nearly $1 million and whose campaign fund reported a cash balance of almost $614,000 as of Dec. 31 after raising about $895,000 in contributions.

Robert Churchill
I am running for Congress in the 8th Congressional District. I chose to run for this office because I believe that I have a wealth of experience that will help me to best represent the citizens of the district. I have represented your interest in the State of Illinois for more than twenty years.
Yes, Robert Churchill also signed the Grover Norquist Taxpayer Protection Pledge. He has endorsed the Marriage Protection Referendum.
The institution of marriage provides the foundation of all societies. The government and the people of Illinois have a fundamental interest in protecting and preserving traditional marriage. We have a responsibility to ask, “What is in the best interest of children?” A loving and civilized society never intentionally creates fatherless or motherless families as a matter of law and public policy.
State Rep. Bob Churchill was the last Republican to serve as Illinois House majority leader over a decade ago, has about $37,000 cash on hand Dec. 31 after raising about $132,000.

In conclusion, the top three Republican candidates for 8th Congressional District of Illinois running versus Democrat Melissa Bean all endorse Grover Norquist failed economic policies and conservatives anti-homosexual crusade. Democrat Mellissa Bean is a way better choice for 8th Congressional District of Illinois than a typical rubber stamp conservative.

Bill Scheurer might run as progressive independent in the general election. Running to the left of Democrat Melissa Bean, Bill Scheurer will have a strong case to tell to Democratic voters who are dissatisfied with Melissa Beans votes in Congress.
The Democratic incumbent has failed to offer voters a clear alternative to her Republican challengers.

This includes her votes in favor of the following:

The bankruptcy bill, the estate tax repeal, CAFTA, the AHP bill that guts state healthcare protection laws, the Enron/Halliburton energy bill, the Patriot Act, the Real ID Act, the Iraq War, another bloated defense budget, the flag desecration amendment, and the recent leave-no-millionaire-behind "tax relief" bill.

The Republican candidates also would have voted for these bills sponsored by their party leaders.

I would have voted against all these bills, and would have joined in leading the opposition to them.
Democrat Melissa Bean has a tough fight ahead.


At February 24, 2006 9:47 AM, Blogger Kemp said...

Gotta love it...Al Salvi couldn't cut it as a politican so now his wife is trying.

Two words come to mind: Sad and pathetic.


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